Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newtown CT And The Liberals Have Gone Wild

            So another crazy person has done something crazy in Newtown CT and those who want to destroy the US Constitution are once again up in arms.  These people disgust me!  They have no concept of the document or the reasoning behind it, but they think they know what is best for everyone.

            First I want to point out that CT has the fifth toughest gun laws in the USA and this did not stop the shooter.  Why?  Because you cannot stop crazy people from doing crazy things by passing crazy laws!  That is just crazy.  Yet this is the logic of the liberal.  They were raised in their comfortable suburban environment and those hardships have given them wisdom on how to make the USA and the world a better place.  They also seem to point out how prohibition has made marijuana very profitable and available, but somehow they think guns will be different.  Guns that are sold in the USA have to meet regulations which prevent them from being modified back to military specifications.  Make weapons illegal and criminals will end up with military spec weapons.  How will they get them?  They are criminals; they will get them from criminal markets or just steal them.  They will only make a bad situation worst.  

            What they should be talking about is how to deal with crazy people.  It is obvious medication is not working.  Too many Americans are medicated for more mental diseases than I can imagine or care to do research on.  Forty years ago children were hyper and needed a spanking, today they have ADD and need to be medicated.  If we have an explosion of mental disease in this country we need to ask why and what is causing it.  The hyper kids of 40 years ago did not go on shooting sprees and guns were more easily available back then.  Please do not say assault rifles, they are sporting rifles, because they do not meet military specifications!  Stupid liberals always are trying to use words to make something scary or evil.

            Instead of attacking the Second Amendment, why are they not attacking the First Amendment?  Our society has glorified people getting their fifteen minutes of fame through any means.  We have reality television shows, daytime shows like Jerry Springer (not sure what to call them) and the news media that will jump on anything to improve their ratings.  By claiming they are reporting the news, the media is above blame.  Then if they claim it is entertainment, but looks like the news; they can say almost anything they choose.  So where is the battle cry to limit the First Amendment?  This insane person was probably watching the Aurora CO shooter footage back in July and that helped motivate and inspire him.  He probably had fantasies for months and when his life snapped he went for it full steam.  Now if the media had not made such a big deal for Aurora for the ratings, then maybe this tragedy could have been avoided.  We can do this!  The logic follows the liberal belief in politically correct speech.  By changing speech we can change how people think.  Think I am full of shit?  Then why do we always hear about copycat crimes and killers?  Why are there surely extra security measures in place or being discussed, at every public school across the USA this week?  Because we have become unhinged as a people and liberal ideology proves this.

            The fact of the matter is that we are a violent culture and nothing that liberals do will stop us from being violent.  Gun control does not work, just look at countries that have it.  The only ones that it appears to be effective in have a culture that is drastically different from ours.   “You are forgetting about the UK!”  No I am not.  The UK has much more trust in their government and deference to authority.  Japan has deference to authority as part of their culture.  Canada is more like the UK than the USA.  Even though they are one of our closest friends, we must remember that at the end of the Revolutionary War, loyalists went north.  

            No matter how great the tragedy was, it does not justify attacking the Constitution.   The Constitution is what holds the USA together.  Any assault on the Constitution is an assault on the past, present and future of every single American.  So all the holier than thou people can cry on television all they want.  I will ignore them, because they are selfish.  Their real agenda is to make the USA into something that they believe will be perfect and I reject their vision.  Even if my own child was killed as a result of gun violence, I would blame the person and not the tool.  Yet since liberals never want to blame crazy people for their actions, they cast the blame on the tool.  

            And you people wonder why I hate liberals so damn much?