Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shutdown & letter I wrote to my GOP reps in DC

I can only off my continued support for doing the right thing against Obama and his minions.  I read today that BO will negotiate only after he gets everything he wants. Sorry, but that requires good faith and he deserves none.  He has proven this repeatedly over the past 5 years.  He is also acting like a 2 year old who is throwing a fit because he does not get his way.  Most importantly, he is disrespecting the power of the Congress.  If we had a majority in the Senate, I would say FIRE HIM!  Sad that we do not, because he is obviously out of control.  The House cannot cave in, because it will only make the Executive Branch more powerful than it has ever been at any time since the Woodrow Wilson administration.  I wish I could give you strategy advice, but I am not seeing all of the political chessboard.  I personally do not care if the government must remain shut down for the rest of his administration and even if it delays my entry into law school, what you are doing has become a Constitutional issue and must be won.  This battle is more important than any individual or group, it is for the good and future of the entire country.  Please stay strong!

me :)

The reason I wrote this is because they need to know they have our support and the issues are so true!  I am beyond pissed off at how the democrats and media is trying to put the blame on Republicans.  Now I am biased against Obama and the democrats, but I am still shocked at how they are acting.  Funny thing to note, my one democratic rep in DC, she has said her staff is nonessential, that way she can avoid public opinion of those she is supposed to represent (my opinion anyways).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

CPAC St Louis after dinner

Twitter so limits me in the 140 characters that I decided to just make a short blog with all the info.  Please share this so everyone who is going or in the area can come (if they choose).

The meeting will be at Bandana's BBQ in Maryland Heights MO, on Dorsett St.  It is about a 6 mile drive from where CPAC is being held. 

The point of an after CPAC meet is for all of us who are interested to get to meet each other.  We can enjoy good food and good company.  It is also a chance for all of us to recharge our batteries.  CPAC may not give us the best opportunity to relax and just enjoy the company of other proud Americans. 

This is strictly an unofficial activity with no support given from any organization.  I will be there and I will be wearing my Mattis for President 2016 shirt.  I hope to see many of you great people from Twitter there (also at CPAC).

Directions are: 
You get back on Interstate 70 heading east. 
You then go south on Interstate 270.
Get off on Dorsett St, turn left, going under the freeway.
You will see Bandanas almost immediately on your right.
12222 Dorsett St. Maryland Heights MO

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My 9-11 blog

This is a repeat of an old blog I wrote when I was left wing scum.  The reason I am digging this up is because today I was bombarded by a number of conspiracy theory nuts that want to say 9/11 was an inside job.  I do not have the patience to deal with such people so I just dug up something I wrote 7 years ago!  Please excuse grammar errors, my writing has improved as much as my politics (I hope).

This was originally written on:
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Conspiracy Theories Again

It is truly sad the amount of time that must be spent attacking the illogicality of conspiracy theories.  However they keep popping up so I feel that time must be spent.  Because when a lie is believed the truth becomes a sacrifice.  Without truth we have no hope to go beyond this system of persecution that we are all victims of.  I say we are all victims of, because I truly doubt that anyone worth nine figures or more is reading my writings.

Let’s start with the missile theory and the Pentagon.  People claim that a missile was fired from a US Air Force plane or maybe that it was a cruise missile fired at the Pentagon.  Now explain to me why this would be done first?  People already got to see a plane crash into the Twin Towers live on television.  It was being replayed again, again and again.  Why did they need a second attack against the pentagon?  Also explain to me if many people believe that the planes were under remote control that hit the Twin Towers, why were not planes under remote control used against the pentagon?  As for there being no aircraft wreckage taken from the pentagon, there were no obvious pieces taken from the Twin Towers.  Planes are built to be as light as possible, because you are fighting powerful forces of gravity.  Planes, generally speaking disintegrate upon impact, because there is no safe way to fall to the earth at 600 plus miles per hour.  Think of the crash site in Pennsylvania, did you see giant sections of plane standing there?  The pieces were scattered over a large area.  So large in fact, if you want a conspiracy, think about the air force shooting that one down and afraid to admit they did it to this day.  Especially since the black box and cellular conversations showed the people chose to fight because they believed they were going to die anyways.  A plane did hit the pentagon, the wings folded in on itself and in the core of the impact (hidden by the smoke) the majority of the plane disintegrated.  As for the pretty pictures that show a computer or window undamaged.  If we had one hundred planes and one hundred pentagons, it is possible that we could have one hundred different results, because fire and explosions do not act according to what we consider logical.

World Trade Center.  Now this is going to be interesting to attack, because people (Alex Jones) are combining so much nonsense in this one section that even if one seemed possible, the combination of so much bullshit just makes the overall possibility ridiculous.  Remote control planes?  Now in itself I think you could argue that it is possible to use a remote control plane to hit the towers.  I would also have to agree that with the complexities of aerial traffic that a remote controlled plane would have about as much chance of hitting its target as a poorly trained person would with little experience flying such an aircraft.  However when you combine it with the theory that explosives were planted in the towers.  Then you got the problem of first planting enough explosives in the towers to make them crumble.  I have been under the towers at night when I lived in NYC.  Even at night there was a mass of activity at the towers.  Garbage going out, cleaning being done, supplies being brought in.  Well in this confusion could not explosives been brought in and planted?  Not really.  The amount of explosives needed would be such an amount that bringing them in and planting them would attract attention.  You would also have to use wireless communications since to leave wires everywhere would just risk attracting more attention.  Using wireless detonators in NYC is an extremely dangerous action.  Think of when you drive through a blasting area, you see signs that say, “turn off cell phones and two way radios.”  Now being the patriot I am, I am always talking on my cell or two way radio when I drive through such a zone.  The odds of causing such an explosion is very minor, however the more activity in the area, the greater the risk becomes.  NYC has a great amount of wireless activity.  Computer networks, cellular communications, two way radio communications, televisions, radio, etc…  I would have to say that NYC would be one of the last places you could safely turn on wireless detonators.  Timed detonators would have been even a worse idea.  This being what if there was some problems with one of the planes?  Now you have explosions taking place in a tower that was never hit!

There are also two more theories that need to be debunked.  First is the theory that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steel support beams.  I will agree with this.  Jet fuel cannot melt the steel support beams.  However the beams were not needed to be melted!  They only needed to get hot enough so the weight that was supported by them could no longer be done.  Thus gravity pulled the towers down.  As the beams in the center of the impact area buckled, the weight above came crashing down.  Next we got he video that those college kids put together comparing implosion buildings with what happened to the towers.  One of the main points everyone keeps repeating is the bursting of windows a few floors below collapse points like a planned implosion.  To understand why this happens is simple enough when you take in account the construction and design of the towers.  Now I am sure that an engineer or architect could explain this a hell of a lot better then I will.  However from the limited knowledge I have I will try my best.  When you build up, you need support from below, to help support the weight above.  This is why the most common first structures that towered into the sky were pyramids.  The provide enough base support to support the weight above them.  However when you are dealing with commercial properties, if you build too high you end up with two problems.  First is transporting people up the floors, because elevator space takes up rental space.  The other is the fact that support is needed for the weight above.  Now you have to remember that the towers used to be the tallest building in existence, and the way they overcame this problem was ingenious for the time.  The elevator problem was dealt with in stages.  You would go to one stage then have to take another elevator to another stage to thus get to your floor.  The support problem was dealt with in a way that proved very effective.  Instead of the entire structure being needed for support.  The main support was the outside of the building itself.  Almost like a house, you can tear down a wall inside your house to make a room bigger.  Because the main support is the outer walls.  Well thanks to modern steel this was able to be accomplished on the towers with a minimal of support needed inside of the outer core.  So as the towers fell, it was the inner part that collapsed first, because there was not as much support on the inside.  As all of this debris fell on the inside of each tower there was a natural tendency with each floor hit to cause an impact and thus force debris out through windows that were busted.

Finally building seven.  Now you may have me on this one, however I will take a guess.  Now everyone has heard of what became known as the bathtub.  The massive concrete structure that supported the weight of the towers underneath and provided a massive basement for parking and shipping receiving activity.  Now when did building seven collapse?  If it collapsed after the towers did, and it was above the bathtub, it is logical that so much damage was done below the surface that gravity did its job and brought down the building that could no longer support its own weight.

I have to wonder would there be so many illogical theories made up if this happened to a popular leader?  I do not believe so.  Even though Hitler and the Nazis were most likely responsible for the Reichstag fire, there was very little doubt given to the story that was put out for the population.

Now was Bush and the USA government responsible for the Twin Towers tragedy.  Yes, without a doubt.  Bush was responsible, Clinton was responsible, Bush Sr. was responsible, Reagan was responsible, Carter was responsible, etc…  The actions of the USA government to protect the economic investments of the richest citizens at the expense of the local peoples has caused such hatred and desire for revenge that it has fed the fire that led to Osama Bin Laden’s popularity and organization.  However to admit this would mean that the people would have to face the fact that they are not the good guys they want to believe they are.  The masses do not realize that they are being manipulated by a few people in power.  The actions of those few who desire only more wealth than they need and more power than they deserve does not affect an entire people.  Even the Germans were able to grow past the Nazis and rebuild not only their nation, but their reputation!  Only by bringing down the upper class that uses the rest of the people as mere pawns will the people be able to gain some sort of redemption.

As for Bush and his administration.  If it can be proved that they knew about the attack (even though not the scope of it) in advance and allowed it to happen just to further their agenda and control over the population.  That is about as close to direct responsibility as I believe you can get when attempting to compare it to planting the bombs that brought the towers down themselves.  That is of course unless you are willing to face the fact that every action (by the government) that has affected people adversely is another bomb waiting to explode.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Email I wrote to my DC reps

My DC Reps,

I am writing to you about the Syria situation that this administration is intent on escalating out of control.  I do not support this administration's endeavor and think we should stay out of the Syrian conflict.  Our involvement in Libya and Iraq is proof enough for us to stay out of it.  Iraq was a counter balance to Iran and by removing Saddam Hussein we in effect made Iran into a regional power.  Libya was stable, even if we did not agree with the government and now Libya is a mess!  We do not have a dog in the Syria fight, it is not in our national interest to get involved in it.  This is a battle between the Russian supported government and Iranian supported rebels.  Maybe if we got involved covertly early in the conflict we might have had some influence, however this is not the case. 

Let me be clear, I am not a pacifist hippie coward!  I believe we have the right to send our military anywhere in the world we choose to and dare anyone to stop us.  This right is paid for in the blood of our service members.  We should be 100% clear and focused if it is in our national interest to pay that cost.  I do not believe it is in our interest.  So I ask you to use your power and vote to place this administration on a short leash.  It is not the duty of our soldiers to protect the human rights of those who are not citizens of our country.

Thank you!
Room 101

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wendy Murphy Esq on Fox 8-9-13

What a liberal scum you are!  You are telling business owners what is in their best interest on how to run their business.  If a business owner wants to ban children in their establishment during certain times, there has to be a market for it, otherwise they would not do it!  Yet the liberal cannot allow any organization to do anything that upsets them.  Well if it upsets you, just do not give them your business! 

Government reach is already such a bully, attorneys are so eager to sue everyone and everything just to fill their bank accounts and make their Mercedes payment.  This is truly liberal fascism.  Since in a fascist state the business remains in private hands, but production/service is state directive.  Well this is the USA!  It is not a fascist or communist state.  So take your self righteous BS and stick it where the sun does not shine! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Plea for Unity

            I am not the best person to try to keep people united.  You see I am a radical at heart (don’t worry right wing).  I am more than willing to pick up firearms to make things better.  I have this one minor fault though, I am also rational.  So even though nothing would make me happier than to be an instrument of liberal genocide, I know that will never happen.  I fear that some people on the right do not have that filter in their thinking.  Some people are so blinded with anger that they want to go straight to violence and they see enemies everywhere.  One person who claims to be a conservative spends more time attacking Karl Rove than attacking the whole liberal establishment.  Now I disagree with a good portion of what Karl Rove says, but he is not the enemy!  Another person that I just had a confrontation with on twitter told me to iron my shirt.  Why? Because I pointed out that liberals are the greatest threat that the USA faces right now.  It is not Islam or Republicans.  I fear that people have become so polarized that they are accepting no view point but their own as dogma.  I cannot blame many of you.  We all have a particular issue that is close to our heart which we will not bend on.  For me that issue is the Second Amendment.  It is in the Constitution and I will not allow the left to touch it.  Being the product of a liberal utopia, life means little to me, so abortion is not high on my list of concerns.  I still support my party’s position completely and even if I could change that position, I would not.  Why? Well for one it would alienate too many people and even if I could change their mind.  I respect them too much to try to make them waver in their convictions.  

What is going on is not just fighting between factions during a primary or even an effort to change party leadership.  It is not even an effort to influence elected leaders.  Those would make perfect sense for what I am seeing.  We on the right are divided against each other.  This division we are in the middle of is why the liberals have been able to push so much garbage through Congress.  After the 2010 midterms we were able to put a hurting on Obama, not stop him, but hurt him.  Then the liberal media blitz targeted the Tea Party, in an effort to belittle them and turn them into something they are not: racists, violent and anti-American.  It is my theory that these constant attacks by the liberal media began to wear down our patience and when we lost in 2012 we started looking for scapegoats.  Since we are so convinced that we are in the majority it could not be anything other than betrayal by the GOP.  Well I hate to tell you this, but we are not the majority.  The good news is that neither are liberals.  For either side to claim victory we must attract independents to our side.  This we succeeded in 2010, but not in 2012.  After the 2012 loss we attacked out at everything and everyone.  Let me be clear, we did not lose.  Mitt Romney lost the election, not conservatives.  Why did Mitt lose?  Well that would be a blog in itself.  If we are to win the 2014 midterms and the 2016 elections, we must have unity!  To turn back the liberal tide, we must have unity!  This unity may require that we force a change in the GOP leadership.  It will require that we get a candidate that is willing to play hardball with liberals on all fronts.  When a conservative runs for President, they are running not only against the liberal choice, but also against the liberal dominated media.  This is a simple fact that we have to face and to succeed we need a son of a bitch that will go head on against the enemies of our nation.  This person needs our complete support.  As Andrew Breitbart said, “the GOP cannot hope to win if they play defensive all the time.”  Any good general will tell you, the best defense is a great offense.  Will we gain enough independent support to override liberal voter fraud?   That I cannot honestly answer, but I can promise you that we all will end up living in the United States of Detroit if we do not stand together against the menace from within.

               To all my conservative brothers and sisters, I beg you stand as one united group.  The only thing that holds the liberals together is the desire for free stuff and hatred of hard work.  If we can gain super majorities in both houses and the presidency, we can make enough good changes to turn this country around and stem the liberal tide for generations.  Do it for your children and grandchildren, or even the children you have yet to have.  We cannot allow those who are so conceited that they believe they know how to create a utopia to ruin our great nation!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Detroit is the future of a liberal run USA

We can see the fruits of 52 years of liberal rule when you look at Detroit.  Constant spending, over regulation and cronyism is not a formula for success.

-In the 1920s Detroit was the Motor City

-In the 1940s it was the Arsenal of Democracy

-In the 1950s it was the City of Churches

-In the 1960s it was Motown

-In the 1970s the murder capital of the world

-In the 1980s still the murder capital and it gave birth to modern styles of gang violence and drug dealing.

-Since the 90s there was no hope for Detroit except bailout or bankruptcy

-Around 2010 GQ did an article on Detroit.  The photographer that wrote the article said the only other place he saw such levels of poverty and lack of hope were some of the most slum ridden Third World Countries he has visited.

Detroit has had constant liberal democrat control since 1961.  The liberal agenda is not sustainable.  There is no incentive to improve ones self.  People are not like animals, we need more than food and shelter.  We need goals to improve ourselves and our lives.  These goals we must achieve on our own.  If we do not achieve those goals through hard work we take them for granted.

Detroit is the future of a liberal run USA.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who am I?

Who am I?  Well I wrote something years ago in my blog, but I had a moment that pushed me further to the right.  That moment was after the Aurora shooting.  When liberals went wild and started crying for the scrapping of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  I cannot stand these cowards!  They would honestly want to lay their hands on a document that has worked for 220+ years just because of their irrational fears?  They are puppets with their strings being pulled.  Gun violence has dropped in the USA since the 1990s, despite the fact that gun ownership has steadily been on the rise.  FBI statistics prove that more murders are committed in the USA by baseball bats than guns, but I do not hear anyone crying to ban baseball bats.  This is not a rant about firearms and Constitutional rights though; it is about who I am.  As you can tell it was Aurora that motivated me to go even further to the right.

I am basically white or Caucasian (or just a damn cracker), but it is not that simple, because I am an American.  I am half Greek from my father.  My grandfather immigrated into the USA during the 1920s.  From my mother I am 12 other races: English, Welch, Scottish, Irish, French, German, Dutch, Ukrainian, Turk, Black, Mexican and Sioux Indian.  So I am your typical American mutt.  Exact percentages are questionable, because my mother’s family tree is blocked, because she was adopted and the only thing I have to go on is the list she gave me.  I grew up in Gary Indiana and just outside Detroit (an area we called Sin City).  I am a Junior High dropout; the last grade I finished was 8th.  My father was physically abusive to the extreme and my mother borderline insane, not very nice things to say about my parents but accurate.  I lived on the wrong side of the law as a juvenile and that is really all I will say about that.  The thing I knew best growing up was violence, it was in my home, at my school and on the streets.  At the age of 17 I packed up and moved to Orlando Florida, because of the before mentioned reason.  At 20 I was married into a premade family to a woman 10 years my senior.  She was a good person and I caused her a lot of heartache, I am sorry Darlene.  I got into a little more trouble with the law (nothing I will mention), but I was convicted of nothing.   I was divorced by 25 or so (actual date is confusing and if I told that story you would not believe me). 

I decided I was tired of being an uneducated idiot; it was stifling any career opportunities.  So I pursued a college degree.  This was a tough course to follow, not because I am not intelligent enough to achieve this dream.  Real life has a habit of interfering with long term goals.  I did not get my BA in history until 2010.  I did however graduate Magna Cum Laude.  As of right now I am almost done with my MBA and on the waiting list for a local law school. 

Politically my journey is very confusing.  As a delinquent I had no real political opinion on anything.  I was more concerned with money and drugs.  When I started to have real concern for politics, I am not very sure.  I combined my own firsthand knowledge of life with Marxist theory.  I believed a hybrid was possible between capitalism and communism that could feed off human nature for its own good.  I embraced many theories that for lack of a better word are lies.  I was however not a western liberal leftist.  I traveled the path of a Third World Revolutionary, I believed the only way to bring about change was through violent revolution and peaceful revolution was preached only by cowards.  I ended up blogging and gained a following all over the world (approximately 10,000 people at my peak).  I was a true revolutionary (I would say communist, but I did not embrace that theory completely) and believed that any who did not embrace the new system should simply be shot.  Well a typical Western style liberal became infatuated with me and it lead to a relationship.  Typical because even though she said she agreed with everything I said, still there was that John Lennon peace mentality in her beliefs.  When this ended I went into a phase of self examination and accidentally put all of my beliefs under this same microscope.  This is my point of enlightenment.  I discovered that the teachings of the left (on almost every level) are not compatible with human nature.  The only way for the philosophies of the left to succeed is if human nature is changed to suit them.  Now I hope I do not have to explain to anyone how unlikely that result truly is.  So I left the Esteban Najid (my pen name) personality behind and concentrated on finishing my degree. 

I still was not active politically, even though I did lean right.  I had given up on politics.  I saw both sides as too corrupt to care about and I just wanted to live my life.  I still voted and tried to be the best informed voter I could be.  The reason for this is I believe if you do not vote, you have no right to bitch.  Since I make a whole bunch of noise (I know, shocking right?) I felt it was my duty to vote and not be a hypocrite.  See this is my biggest pet peeve, I cannot stand hypocrites!  I have always believed that you should practice what you preach or shut up.  I am not talking about falling short from being perfect, no one is perfect.  You must make the best effort that is possible to follow through with the words you say.  Then the Aurora shooting happened and liberals went wild in their attacks on the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  I am sorry, but the Second Amendment is my main issue.  Without it the people are nothing more than serfs.  You cannot fight back against anything or defend yourself in any way if you do not have the right to bear arms.  Once the liberals started their attacks on the Constitution I drifted farther and farther to the right, making more and more noise along the way.  I have seen how they show their true colors of yellow PC cowardice.  I have seen how the media embraces the news stories of the left while ignoring shocking stories that would gain them good ratings (Kermit Gosnell and Benghazi for instance).  They blow out of proportion every single shooting and if you look at the people doing and approving these stories they hate gun rights anyways.  The left has not learned what I did, that their policies are not compatible with human nature.  Do they think they can change human nature by the fruits of their policies? These fruits are creating an underclass with no hope of achieving anything, but they view prosperity 10 miles away and on the television.  This same underclass is crime ridden, because they want money for the finer things (with no other way to get it) or drugs to escape their dismal future.  This is still a risk versus reward mentality, which is one of the most basic principles of capitalism. 

So now I sit on the right side of the political fence.  I am not a very good conservative, but since I trust the US Constitution I would make a horrible liberal.  I also do not believe in the 1960s mentality of protest and revolution.  I would make the streets run red with blood before I would let a dirty hippy rewrite the Constitution.  I am still in a process of learning and growth, which I am fine with.  As Bruce Lee said, “the day I quit learning, is the day you can put the final nail in my coffin.”  He also said, “I am not a master, I am a student master, because I am always learning.”  I am not the most intelligent person, but I have gained wisdom by walking a very hard path.  I would not trade any of my past experiences for the world.  The path I have traveled has led me to the point I am at today.   I know I am not perfect, but I am comfortable with the person I have become.  I can only strive to improve who I am on a daily basis.

I probably shared too much information in some ways and not enough in others, but my life is so full of contradictions and confusion I could not know where to begin or end.  So this is my overview I provide to the curious, to those who wonder how I got to where I am today.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I wrote to my Reps!


I am very concerned with the bill the Gang of Eight has put together.  I am in complete agreement with Senator Ted Cruz that this bill is not good for America!  I would ask that you stand against it the way it is written.

I also have concerns that are not mentioned.  First why are we trying to add millions to the workforce when tens of millions are under or unemployed?  Why are we rewarding people who violate the rule of law?  Why are we going to allow every illegal immigrant who was returned to their home country to return?  This is not something that a logically thinking American citizen would put together when it pertained to their home and personal property.  So why is the Senate doing something that logical dictates so clearly against?

If you break the law, you face the consequences for your actions. That is a basic premise of responsibility and a concept that has made America great.  We cannot be granting exceptions to the law just because of protests.  Would we legalize meth if one million meth addicts marched on Washington?

Why are businesses that violate the law not going to be prosecuted? Why does E-verify not get expanded and instead a new system is put in place similar to E-verify.  E-verify has been a great success and deserves to be expanded rather than scrapped.

The USA has plenty of uneducated and low skill workers, adding more will only add to the burden that our country carries.  It is the right of every country to control its borders and decide who may and may not enter.  The immigration system is on life support, but this bill will kill it.  The Gang of Eight make horrible surgeons!  I see this bill as nothing but catering to every single special interest group in the USA (from illegals to labor to business).  It is time for our elected officials to do the right thing, rather than the politically expedient thing.

Thank you,