Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Washington Redskins vs US Patent Office

My 3 DC Reps,

I am part Sioux, however it is too small of a percentage for me to vote in tribal elections or gain any benefits.  That does not matter as much as my pride in each of my ethnic groups.  Despite this I do not refer to myself as any Blank-American.  I am an American of this and that heritage.  I say this because we all come from elsewhere, but we are supposed to be Americans first!

What does bother me is the attack on our Constitution.  Freedom of Speech guarantees us the right to say stupid things, but it does not guarantee that we will not be offended.  The pressures that exist in society is more than enough PC BS for our society.  The government getting involved in enforcing PC BS as defacto law is very disturbing.  This seems to be trivial, but the assault on our Constitution cannot be allowed.  The US Patent Office needs to back down, either willingly by being asked by yourself or by being forced through legislation. 

Thank You,
Room 101