Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newtown CT And The Liberals Have Gone Wild

            So another crazy person has done something crazy in Newtown CT and those who want to destroy the US Constitution are once again up in arms.  These people disgust me!  They have no concept of the document or the reasoning behind it, but they think they know what is best for everyone.

            First I want to point out that CT has the fifth toughest gun laws in the USA and this did not stop the shooter.  Why?  Because you cannot stop crazy people from doing crazy things by passing crazy laws!  That is just crazy.  Yet this is the logic of the liberal.  They were raised in their comfortable suburban environment and those hardships have given them wisdom on how to make the USA and the world a better place.  They also seem to point out how prohibition has made marijuana very profitable and available, but somehow they think guns will be different.  Guns that are sold in the USA have to meet regulations which prevent them from being modified back to military specifications.  Make weapons illegal and criminals will end up with military spec weapons.  How will they get them?  They are criminals; they will get them from criminal markets or just steal them.  They will only make a bad situation worst.  

            What they should be talking about is how to deal with crazy people.  It is obvious medication is not working.  Too many Americans are medicated for more mental diseases than I can imagine or care to do research on.  Forty years ago children were hyper and needed a spanking, today they have ADD and need to be medicated.  If we have an explosion of mental disease in this country we need to ask why and what is causing it.  The hyper kids of 40 years ago did not go on shooting sprees and guns were more easily available back then.  Please do not say assault rifles, they are sporting rifles, because they do not meet military specifications!  Stupid liberals always are trying to use words to make something scary or evil.

            Instead of attacking the Second Amendment, why are they not attacking the First Amendment?  Our society has glorified people getting their fifteen minutes of fame through any means.  We have reality television shows, daytime shows like Jerry Springer (not sure what to call them) and the news media that will jump on anything to improve their ratings.  By claiming they are reporting the news, the media is above blame.  Then if they claim it is entertainment, but looks like the news; they can say almost anything they choose.  So where is the battle cry to limit the First Amendment?  This insane person was probably watching the Aurora CO shooter footage back in July and that helped motivate and inspire him.  He probably had fantasies for months and when his life snapped he went for it full steam.  Now if the media had not made such a big deal for Aurora for the ratings, then maybe this tragedy could have been avoided.  We can do this!  The logic follows the liberal belief in politically correct speech.  By changing speech we can change how people think.  Think I am full of shit?  Then why do we always hear about copycat crimes and killers?  Why are there surely extra security measures in place or being discussed, at every public school across the USA this week?  Because we have become unhinged as a people and liberal ideology proves this.

            The fact of the matter is that we are a violent culture and nothing that liberals do will stop us from being violent.  Gun control does not work, just look at countries that have it.  The only ones that it appears to be effective in have a culture that is drastically different from ours.   “You are forgetting about the UK!”  No I am not.  The UK has much more trust in their government and deference to authority.  Japan has deference to authority as part of their culture.  Canada is more like the UK than the USA.  Even though they are one of our closest friends, we must remember that at the end of the Revolutionary War, loyalists went north.  

            No matter how great the tragedy was, it does not justify attacking the Constitution.   The Constitution is what holds the USA together.  Any assault on the Constitution is an assault on the past, present and future of every single American.  So all the holier than thou people can cry on television all they want.  I will ignore them, because they are selfish.  Their real agenda is to make the USA into something that they believe will be perfect and I reject their vision.  Even if my own child was killed as a result of gun violence, I would blame the person and not the tool.  Yet since liberals never want to blame crazy people for their actions, they cast the blame on the tool.  

            And you people wonder why I hate liberals so damn much? 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Papa John's Boycott? WTF?

            You will have to forgive me if this is much shorter than other things I write, I have some serious homework waiting for me.  When I have to choose between my grad school work and making strangers happy, sorry but you are going to lose every time.

            Well anyways liberals are going bat shit crazy; at least on Huffington post from the links I have been given.  Now why are they throwing temper tantrums now?  Well because the CEO of Papa John’s announced that he was going to be cutting back hours in his stores to 28 to avoid Obamacare.  Now before I explain why it is not only silly but destructive for liberals to get their panties in a wad, I had better give a basic lesson in business.

            Please trust me on this information, I am halfway through my MBA and I still have a 4.0, for now at least.  An organization is in business to make money.  They must make a profit to stay in business and to keep investors happy.  Liberals may not care about Wall Street but that is at their peril if they do not respect and understand the forces at work.  Wall Street is not just the rich; it is pension funds and 401k mutual funds that are playing with your money.  The money you have saved for your retirement.  You apply the same sort of pressure on Wall Street when you pick the investment strategy you expect to achieve.  So you are also an investor, not just the 1% that you love to quote so often.  Now if investors are not happy with an organization they have two options, overthrow the board (which takes a lot of effort) or just sell the stock.  Most investors will just sell a stock when they are not happy with the results or the way the organization is being run.  If enough investors abandon the stock, it becomes undervalued.

            Now when a stock is undervalued the organization can become a target for a leveraged buyout.  A leveraged buyout basically uses the collateral of a company to borrow enough money to do a hostile takeover of the organization.  They will restructure it, making it much more profitable and then refloat it on the stock market, making a nice profit in the process.  The people/organizations that do this are considered corporate raiders.  They serve a purpose to keep boards responsible to investors and prevent incompetence within an organization.  Yet when corporate raiders take over a company that is when you see the real nightmare stories of people getting screwed over.  These people have no intention of keeping the organization.  They only want to make it look like a good investment so they can flip their investment quickly.  Much the same as many of you were flipping houses as the real estate market was climbing and climbing.  I hope you understand why it is important to make a profit and keep investors happy.

            Now why is it self-destructive for liberals to have their panties in a wad?  Well for one thing they are persecuting the CEO for saying what many such organizations will be doing.  Maybe he spoke up to calm the fears of investors over costs associated with Obamacare.  Maybe he was trying to let everyone know that this is not a good thing, but he knew he would get no attention if he sat down and gave an interview as to why.  I cannot think of a single liberal that is intelligent to understand that logic, so I will try a different approach.  First thing you are doing is hurting the people at the bottom of the food chain by starting your boycott.  The people that work at a pizzeria are not career delivery drivers, or pizza makers.  If they are doing it full time they are doing whatever it takes to just make ends meet.  By boycotting Papa John’s you are putting many people’s jobs investments and businesses at risk.  You are putting the college student that works less than 20 hours just to cover some living expenses while they go to school at risk.  You are also putting many franchise operations at risk.

            You see not every single Papa John’s store is a corporate store.  There will be large (or even very large) percentages that are franchise stores.  Depending on how the organization is set up distribution may even be franchised out in some areas.  These are people that invested their money (from tens of thousands to a few million for distribution) to use and sell under the Papa John’s logo.  The franchise store owner that only owns one or two stores does not have enough employees to worry about the 50 person requirement of Obamacare.  Yet you will be boycotting them as well.  You also have to realize that the majority of employees that work in fast food are not full time.  Managers of such operations are full time and they are most likely already getting insurance, their status will not change.  Yet you are putting their future at risk with your boycott.  

            You also have to realize that Papa John’s is not just the store you see.  That store you see may have 20 to 30 employees, with only 5 to 7 getting more than 30 hours a week.  Two would be managers and 5 just trying to survive as best they can.  There is also the entire organization that supports the store.  You have a distribution and production chain that are already working full time and those people already have benefits like store managers.  The truck drivers that make deliveries to stores, they also work full time and get benefits.  Regional directors that make less than 100k a year are another group of people that your boycott is targeting.  Corporate headquarters, these people already have benefits, they are professionals.  There are accountants, media experts, MBAs that plan the present and future for the company; all of these people area already full time and getting benefits.  We also cannot forget about all the different organizations that fill orders for Papa John’s, pizza boxes are not made in house.  Everyone will suffer from lower sales.  How many of these people voted for your precious president?  You are going to stab all of them in the back?

            Oh please do it!  I mean that.  Make complete idiots of yourselves.  Force the economy into rapid self-destruction!  My job is secure, my education is my goal, and my country is my religion.  If you fools utterly trash the economy completely to hell, it will only make it easier to achieve what I believe is the right path for the USA.  The only people you will be hurting are those who are already struggling to make ends meet.  You will not hurt me and you will not hurt the CEO of Papa John’s.  Even if you force it into bankruptcy, I really doubt he will go hungry or have to sell his home.  What do you think the result will be for those who are relying on this income during tough economic times?  They will be pushed away from the liberalism you preach, since you are preaching them out of a job!  They will come to my side and they may even learn a few things about how the economy works and become a success in life.  So I wish you all the best in your boycott and all its collective foolishness!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hating liberals, with a passion

Why I hate liberals!  I do have a deep seated hate of them and this hate many people cannot understand.  You have heard politicians say that they always remember that no matter how much they disagree with the other party they know that person loves the USA as much as they do.  Well I say that person does not love the USA or the human race as much as others do.  I say liberals are a leech not just on the USA but on the whole human race.  I loathe them, I despise them!  Now I will try to explain why.

First off it is not fair to Communist or Socialist in the developing world to compare Western liberals to them.  WTF am I talking about?  Am I endorsing communism or socialism? No, I am not.  Allow me to explain...  Throughout the Twentieth Century these Socialist and Communist rebels have put their lives on the line for what they believe in.  They have killed and been killed fighting for their cause.  I can respect this, even when I disagree with the cause.  The difference is that in the West people have an easy life and because of this they are not willing to make that final commitment.  Oh they may throw a brick through a window, protest, even riot; but they are not willing to make the final commitment of taking a life.  They may even be willing to lay down their own life.  This is not down for the greater cause or to inflame the masses to rise up.  No, this is done for their own ego.  They want to be a martyr like Gandhi or Lennon (yeah, disgusting, but they think Lennon is a martyr), so it is for their own ego that they lay down their lives, I the vain hope of being immortalized.  This shows a complete and utter lack of having anything that resembles a spine.

Before you think I advocate violence and war let me explain something to you.  No matter where you are raised in this modern world you have a certain amount of morals instilled into you.  This makes the taking of a human life a very traumatic experience.  Now to justify this and protect ones psyche you must justify it to yourself.  The most common way is that you are fighting for a greater good, God and country.  Still yet another way is to dehumanize the enemy.  You are not killing another human being; you are killing someone who is somehow less than human.  When you cannot justify it to yourself the likelihood of it messing with you is greater.  It also does not matter if you can justify it or not.  Because for every person you kill; you lose party of your humanity, becoming less human in the process.  Therefore there is no glory in violence or the taking of another human life.  Doubt my words?  Research the Einsatzgruppen units that the Nazis used during World War Two.  These units ran around the USSR killing enemies of the Reich, up close and personal.  They also suffered from a very high suicide rate, plus an even higher rate of alcoholism.  This despite the idea being instilled in them that they were heroes of the Reich, for their service.  So yes there is no glory in the taking of human life.

So the liberals in the West are soft and cowards.  They are not willing to put their humanity at risk for what they believe in.  Instead they will piss and moan, cry and complain; attempt to garner support until they can get their way.  Then once they have their way, they still will not enforce these efforts on their own.  They expect the establishment to enforce the rules they cried for.  Let me give you an example, gun control and the 2nd Amendment.  You have a group of cowards called the Brady Campaign who want to take away my guns (and your guns as well).  Now if these cowards got their way; who is going to come knocking on my door to take away my guns?  Will they be involved?  Oh hell no, they will just expect the police to enforce their mandate.  Why?  Well I can guarantee you that if anyone wants to violate my Constitutional rights by coming to my door to take away my guns, it will be a gun fight!  I am sure they can justify this action in any number of ways, but I have my own theory.  They are cowards and elitists!  They are the best of the best (in their own minds) and it is their duty to lead us, despite our own ignorance.  They are also above getting their hands dirty, so they delegate that job to their lesser.  

Even when a liberal is willing to get their hands dirty they have irrational expectations.  They would expect a fight with rules and honor.  I am sorry but rules and honor is for sports and fools.  You can call me an animal and maybe I am.  I am a product of the environments I grew up in (Gary IN and Detroit MI), which are examples of the liberal dream.  You never fight a fair fight, because you can lose a fair fight.  There is no honor in beating to a bloody pulp.  There is also no honor in getting hit a single time, all for the ego of some fool.  When you throw down, you go all out; or just stay the fuck home!  There is no honor on the streets, only survivors.  

In short, liberals are all talk and not willing to back up what they say with their own actions.  They are not willing to put their humanity at risk for their convictions.  This weakness in them is rewarded with my utter contempt for them and all they think they stand for.  This does not even touch the fact that the liberal dream has been tried in society and proved to be a complete failure, or the fact that they deny this and only want to throw more money at the problem, believing that somehow this will make things right.  

As a bonus I will tell you exactly how much I hate them, it borders on sadism.  If I had my way I would get 1984 on their asses.  I would sit in Room 101 and wait for them, reading their file so I would know best how to completely destroy them.  Once they have been tormented, tortured and utterly destroyed.  Then I would build them back up so they can again function in society, only for them to be an outcast.  Once they are completely broken down and accept and love all that they claimed to have stood against, then and only then would their lives come to an end.  This is the complete and utter victory against the liberal.  Yes I am willing to put my humanity at risk for this and if you are a believer in a higher power, my so called “soul” at risk as well.  They think life is supposed to be joy and pleasure?  Life is a struggle, a fight against the elements.  Well my joy and pleasure would be from their pain, their suffering, breaking them emotionally and then when they completely submit; bringing about their end.

Realistically this will never happen, I know this.  They will continue to piss and moan, occasionally getting their way.  But you see Americans are dreamers; it is our ability to dream and make these dreams come true which has made us such a great country.  We do not believe that it is impossible to achieve our dreams.  So if any of the powers that be need someone to run Room 101, give me a call.

Friday, October 26, 2012


I call this post reality, because there are some ugly realities we will have to face as a species on this planet.  The present economic downturn only shows the true problem of what we face.  Everyone expects growth to return and we can continue on our merry path.  I am sorry I do not see how that is possible.

To balance the US budget both parties claim that their plans will institute growth and by that growth the deficit will shrink and the budget will be balanced.  Even Wall Street plays with hundreds of trillions of dollars in options and futures.  This is money that only exists in the imagination of Wall Street.  This estimate is greater than the GDP of the entire planet.  All of it is based on the concept of infinite growth.  The problem with infinite growth is that we have finite resources.  There is only so much petroleum and precious metals on this planet.  I say precious metals, because even items like iron and bauxite can be considered precious as demand increases and cannot be met by supplies.

We have all seen the price of crude oil bounce up and down, but have you honestly asked why? Well the market is set up according to supply and demand.  The higher the supply and lower the demand means the price is lower.  The opposite is also true; a high demand and low supply means high prices.  Now remember our modern economy relies on petroleum like a drug.  So what happens when the prices rises to a point that the market cannot support?  The price instantly drops off.  A record peak of $145 a barrel was hit in 2008 and then the US and world economy went into a free fall.  Now I am not saying oil prices are the reason for the economic collapse, but they did not help it any.  Since then prices have climbed back up, but every time they get in the $130 range demand drops and they fall.  This can be said because the market cannot support a price that is above this mark.  At that point an entire section of the economy figures that it is cheaper to just shut down or dial back production rather than pay the increased cost.  The price falls and those producers start buying again and the price rises until, you got it, a repeat.

This tells me that to grow the economy beyond this glass ceiling we need more or different resources that business can use.  Please remember this is just petroleum I am talking about.  It is not hard to believe we are facing a similar potential problem for every resource on this planet.  The Earth can support only 1 billion people if everyone lived a lifestyle that is based on western standards.  The Earth has 7 billion people and all of them strive for such a lifestyle.  China alone has over 1 billion people and they are trying to bring their people on to par with western standards rapidly.  India also has over 1 billion people; they are beginning to put forth efforts to modernize as well.  Then we take in account the USA, EU, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand; that is about another billion people who are already living the western lifestyle.  This is completely and utterly unsustainable.

Alternative resources are possible but not likely.  Resources from space (other planets/asteroids) might be feasible, but the technology does not support it as of yet.  Massive inflation and a decline in living standards is a likely outcome, but every country will resist such a result with all of its being.  Inflation and lowering stand of living will put those governments at risk.  That means that countries will reach a point where they are willing to go to war for resources.  It has happened all throughout history.  Even recently the Iran/Iraq war was Sadam Hussein’s desire to control Iranian oilfields.  Guerrillas in Nigeria attack oil pipelines to hurt the government in a way that they cannot accomplish militarily.  They hurt the economy and that helps to destabilize the country.  When the country is destabilized that increases people who are willing to fight the powers that be.

Can this negative possibility be avoided?  I do not see it happening to be honest.  Every country will always seek to do what is best for itself and does not want to compromise its goals in any way.  The United Nations is an impotent organization that only puts pretty curtains over a window that shows the ugly reality.  If we, as a species cannot commit to alternative energy and resources, dedicated space exploration and lower life style standards.  Well we may as well start preparing for war.  Already our species is pushing concepts of violence to new extremes that have not been seen since we were mostly illiterate.  So as a species and not as a people we can choose to work together toward a positive goal.  Or we can plan on going to war and give up on the illusion of some sort of higher moral ground.  

We can argue that technology has blessed us with our present gains, but it cannot make resources out of nothing.  Even solar, wind, geothermal power needs the metals to make the turbines and transport the electricity to its point of usage.  In the USA we have missed the price increases due to the increased demand for raw materials because manufacturing jobs have been sent to countries with cheap labor.  It will be very interesting to see how things develop and how quickly they fall apart.  That in itself is the nature of the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”