Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I changed from blog talk radio to youtube

This is really not  a big issue, but I did want to share some of my reasons with many of the great people that follow and encourage me.

Blogtalkradio sucks!  For $39 a month the value is not there.  Once I attached my twitter account to my blogtalkradio account, I could not log in with my acct name and password, I had to use my twitter account to log in.  I would have errors that cause me to lose my connection, but the BTR website would never inform me of this.  The result I keep talking and you hear dead air. 

My biggest problem actually is now that I have canceled my service with them.  Upon canceling I have discovered that I cannot erase my credit card information from the website!  This bothers me to a degree that I cannot begin to complain about.  Just to add insult to this, I wrote to customer service a week ago and as of 30 minutes ago, my credit card info is still attached to the account.  Obviously BTR is more concerned with getting their money than customer safety.

All the above could be worked around however, I could just move to another service.  To be honest I just have not had the time to dedicate to a daily or even weekly show.  Right now I am considering taking on a second or even third job.  There is still the possibility for law school in 2014 or maybe even 2015.  This will require more planning and preparation, which leaves even less time to plan and carry through with an internet radio show.

I must also admit that advantage of using a video (youtube) format are many.
A- I can make a 5-10 minute video almost anyplace and anytime (thanks to smartphones).
B- Youtube is free!  $39 a month may not sound like much, but bills add up.
C- I am not the only person who is busy.  The audience does not have time to sit and listen to an unknown for 2 hours.  To put things in short snippets, despite lack of feedback, enables larger exposure.  With this exposure, hopefully greater thought will be given to various subjects.

So why did I erase all my shows on BTR?  I did not want to lose control of my creations.  I believe that you can only erase shows from your account if you are a paying member.  I do not want someone else to be controlling what I created.  So I downloaded all of my shows, stored them on my computer and on the cloud.  I then deleted them from the BTR account. 

I actually have no hard feelings with BTR, they simply provide a format and service.  It could be better, but that is true of any product/service.  I just had to move on...

Doctor Love
aka Suscitate
aka Room 101