Saturday, March 15, 2014

letter I wrote to my DC reps March 15, 2014

I have to voice my concern over this saber rattling that is going on and promises of aid to the Ukraine.

First I want to point out that I am no hippie, though I also am no NeoCon.  If the USA needs to go to war, I say we go all out and obliterate our enemy.  Yet this should only be done when it is in our national interest.  The Ukraine is NOT in our national interest and they are not in our sphere of influence.  They are not a member of NATO and we have no obligation (under no circumstances, forget humanitarian arguments) to support or get involved in this dispute.

We cannot afford to give away money!  We are $17+ trillion in debt, with another $50+ trillion in unfunded liabilities.  The exact number of our un and under employed can be as high as 20%.  We have more people collecting welfare than at anytime in history.  Then to top it all off, the work participation numbers are the lowest they have been since the late 70s.  Let the EU shell out money and loan guarantees and let them provide military aid.

This Ukrainian government is not so innocent to begin with.  The extended protests in Kiev that led up to this were very shady and personally I refused to take a side.  I work with a German national and even he said both sides are too corrupt to deal with.  So maybe we should STAY OUT!

It is shameful that Obama would use this as an effort to rattle sabers in an effort to unite the American people behind him and his failed policies.  I will not fall for it.  He is not going so far for the people of Venezuela and their struggle is much more just and they are in our sphere of influence.

Want to fix the economy, kill ACA, lower taxes, issue tort reform, kick out illegals, cut back on welfare, and eliminate the most burdensome of regulations.  I use to own a business in the early 90s.  I would never start another one in this environment.  The cost of doing so are just too much of a burden to make it worthwhile.  If I was an engineer and created something, I would have it built overseas.  The cost of production in the USA is too high to be competitive on the world market.  This is the reality of our economic situation, I am sorry if you do not see it in DC.

Room 101