Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shutdown & letter I wrote to my GOP reps in DC

I can only off my continued support for doing the right thing against Obama and his minions.  I read today that BO will negotiate only after he gets everything he wants. Sorry, but that requires good faith and he deserves none.  He has proven this repeatedly over the past 5 years.  He is also acting like a 2 year old who is throwing a fit because he does not get his way.  Most importantly, he is disrespecting the power of the Congress.  If we had a majority in the Senate, I would say FIRE HIM!  Sad that we do not, because he is obviously out of control.  The House cannot cave in, because it will only make the Executive Branch more powerful than it has ever been at any time since the Woodrow Wilson administration.  I wish I could give you strategy advice, but I am not seeing all of the political chessboard.  I personally do not care if the government must remain shut down for the rest of his administration and even if it delays my entry into law school, what you are doing has become a Constitutional issue and must be won.  This battle is more important than any individual or group, it is for the good and future of the entire country.  Please stay strong!

me :)

The reason I wrote this is because they need to know they have our support and the issues are so true!  I am beyond pissed off at how the democrats and media is trying to put the blame on Republicans.  Now I am biased against Obama and the democrats, but I am still shocked at how they are acting.  Funny thing to note, my one democratic rep in DC, she has said her staff is nonessential, that way she can avoid public opinion of those she is supposed to represent (my opinion anyways).