Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to my world

I am an educated thug. A junior high school drop out with a BA. An inner city punk, living in the middle of nowhere 25 years later. I have done more than my share of drugs, yet despise them and believe they should be legal. Someone with no faith in any mythical higher power, yet I would pick up my guns to protect someone's ability to practice their faith. I cannot be called a patriot, yet I love where I live. Basically I seem to be a master of contradictions with what I believe. I see myself as a mirror of society and the human race as a whole though. I am not the contradiction, the contradiction is our society as a whole!

I will be drawing attention to all of these things in what I write. I will be very blunt and severe in my judgments. I will most likely not allow responses on most of my writings. I do not care what pseudo intellectuals have to say. I only want to make people think, to contemplate everything they do and say. If we have an honest opinion of all the challenges that face us as a species, then maybe a solution that has a degree of sustainability will be achievable. Yet above all else, I will be calling people out for the bullshit that they believe/preach. Practice what you preach, because being a hypocrite is the unforgivable sin.

Why Suscitate? "To rouse; to excite; to call into life and action."
Why a-nihilism? People do tend to be a bit nihilistic by nature and a-nihilism is a play on words for annihilate, which is a reference to our violent nature as a species. I am no hippie who says all we need is love. I say we could probably progress better as a species if we accepted our violent nature and put limits on it rather than denied it. Also violence (war) has been a part of diplomacy ever since the first city states were formed.

Just to warn you, no issue is too taboo to embrace or attack. You have been warned. If you do not like what I have to say, then start your own blog and make it coherent! If the references you use to support your position are shit, just sit down and shut the fuck up. Because if you do not realize that Wikipedia is not a legitimate source, not only should you not vote, you probably should not breath. One more thing, I know my grammar is shit. Read above, jr high drop out. Obviously I did not get a BA in English.