Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hating liberals, with a passion

Why I hate liberals!  I do have a deep seated hate of them and this hate many people cannot understand.  You have heard politicians say that they always remember that no matter how much they disagree with the other party they know that person loves the USA as much as they do.  Well I say that person does not love the USA or the human race as much as others do.  I say liberals are a leech not just on the USA but on the whole human race.  I loathe them, I despise them!  Now I will try to explain why.

First off it is not fair to Communist or Socialist in the developing world to compare Western liberals to them.  WTF am I talking about?  Am I endorsing communism or socialism? No, I am not.  Allow me to explain...  Throughout the Twentieth Century these Socialist and Communist rebels have put their lives on the line for what they believe in.  They have killed and been killed fighting for their cause.  I can respect this, even when I disagree with the cause.  The difference is that in the West people have an easy life and because of this they are not willing to make that final commitment.  Oh they may throw a brick through a window, protest, even riot; but they are not willing to make the final commitment of taking a life.  They may even be willing to lay down their own life.  This is not down for the greater cause or to inflame the masses to rise up.  No, this is done for their own ego.  They want to be a martyr like Gandhi or Lennon (yeah, disgusting, but they think Lennon is a martyr), so it is for their own ego that they lay down their lives, I the vain hope of being immortalized.  This shows a complete and utter lack of having anything that resembles a spine.

Before you think I advocate violence and war let me explain something to you.  No matter where you are raised in this modern world you have a certain amount of morals instilled into you.  This makes the taking of a human life a very traumatic experience.  Now to justify this and protect ones psyche you must justify it to yourself.  The most common way is that you are fighting for a greater good, God and country.  Still yet another way is to dehumanize the enemy.  You are not killing another human being; you are killing someone who is somehow less than human.  When you cannot justify it to yourself the likelihood of it messing with you is greater.  It also does not matter if you can justify it or not.  Because for every person you kill; you lose party of your humanity, becoming less human in the process.  Therefore there is no glory in violence or the taking of another human life.  Doubt my words?  Research the Einsatzgruppen units that the Nazis used during World War Two.  These units ran around the USSR killing enemies of the Reich, up close and personal.  They also suffered from a very high suicide rate, plus an even higher rate of alcoholism.  This despite the idea being instilled in them that they were heroes of the Reich, for their service.  So yes there is no glory in the taking of human life.

So the liberals in the West are soft and cowards.  They are not willing to put their humanity at risk for what they believe in.  Instead they will piss and moan, cry and complain; attempt to garner support until they can get their way.  Then once they have their way, they still will not enforce these efforts on their own.  They expect the establishment to enforce the rules they cried for.  Let me give you an example, gun control and the 2nd Amendment.  You have a group of cowards called the Brady Campaign who want to take away my guns (and your guns as well).  Now if these cowards got their way; who is going to come knocking on my door to take away my guns?  Will they be involved?  Oh hell no, they will just expect the police to enforce their mandate.  Why?  Well I can guarantee you that if anyone wants to violate my Constitutional rights by coming to my door to take away my guns, it will be a gun fight!  I am sure they can justify this action in any number of ways, but I have my own theory.  They are cowards and elitists!  They are the best of the best (in their own minds) and it is their duty to lead us, despite our own ignorance.  They are also above getting their hands dirty, so they delegate that job to their lesser.  

Even when a liberal is willing to get their hands dirty they have irrational expectations.  They would expect a fight with rules and honor.  I am sorry but rules and honor is for sports and fools.  You can call me an animal and maybe I am.  I am a product of the environments I grew up in (Gary IN and Detroit MI), which are examples of the liberal dream.  You never fight a fair fight, because you can lose a fair fight.  There is no honor in beating to a bloody pulp.  There is also no honor in getting hit a single time, all for the ego of some fool.  When you throw down, you go all out; or just stay the fuck home!  There is no honor on the streets, only survivors.  

In short, liberals are all talk and not willing to back up what they say with their own actions.  They are not willing to put their humanity at risk for their convictions.  This weakness in them is rewarded with my utter contempt for them and all they think they stand for.  This does not even touch the fact that the liberal dream has been tried in society and proved to be a complete failure, or the fact that they deny this and only want to throw more money at the problem, believing that somehow this will make things right.  

As a bonus I will tell you exactly how much I hate them, it borders on sadism.  If I had my way I would get 1984 on their asses.  I would sit in Room 101 and wait for them, reading their file so I would know best how to completely destroy them.  Once they have been tormented, tortured and utterly destroyed.  Then I would build them back up so they can again function in society, only for them to be an outcast.  Once they are completely broken down and accept and love all that they claimed to have stood against, then and only then would their lives come to an end.  This is the complete and utter victory against the liberal.  Yes I am willing to put my humanity at risk for this and if you are a believer in a higher power, my so called “soul” at risk as well.  They think life is supposed to be joy and pleasure?  Life is a struggle, a fight against the elements.  Well my joy and pleasure would be from their pain, their suffering, breaking them emotionally and then when they completely submit; bringing about their end.

Realistically this will never happen, I know this.  They will continue to piss and moan, occasionally getting their way.  But you see Americans are dreamers; it is our ability to dream and make these dreams come true which has made us such a great country.  We do not believe that it is impossible to achieve our dreams.  So if any of the powers that be need someone to run Room 101, give me a call.

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