Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lets go nuclear to protect 2A

          Everyone knows about what is going on as the liberals try to destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  Oh they may say that they do not want to come after anyone’s guns, only assault weapons.  Yet I do not see them standing outside military bases and police stations, since only the military and law enforcement have legal access to real assault weapons.  The Democrats are ignoring Gallup polls that state Americans believe the problem is mental illness and not firearms.  Yet the media keeps claiming less guns will make us safer and the liberals continue on this path of disarming the law -biding citizen.   Well I believe I may have came up with an idea that will so threaten the power structure that not only will it force them to back off (at least when it comes to Federal laws), but it will help to avoid bloodshed (only if successful).

          Now we know that many state and local elected officials are much more friendly and concerned about the Second Amendment than nationally elected officials.  What I propose is to force a Constitutional Crisis on this administration.  We, as patriots, need to make this idea go viral.  Then as many people as possible will be pressuring their state and local elected officials to make a law.  What law will they be making?  A law that says said jurisdiction does not recognize the right of the Federal government to override the Constitution (especially pertaining to the Second Amendment).  So this local law will supersede illegal Federal regulation.  The more areas that actually do this, the greater the problem it will cause for DC.  

          I got this idea because IL and NY are rushing to increase gun laws, yet I have not heard of anyplace saying we will ignore anything that violates the Constitution, even if it comes out of the White House.   I know any first year law student will tell me that these arguments have already been solved in court.  When the parties submit to rule of law, they are satisfied.  What happens when someone say they do not care about past rule of law and the threat of future laws is illegal?  The more locations that do this, the greater the threat is to the stability and authority of the Federal Government.

          Think about it, improve upon the idea and then contact state, county and city officials.  Lets get some of these laws passed.  If this operation is successful, I see a number of potential outcomes.  A- the Fed backs down.  B- every side continues to bang heads, no one gives an inch and the Republic tears itself apart.  C- open warfare starts between the Fed and liberal contingents vs conservative and military units.  This would not be very pretty and would lead to a liberal genocide on a national scale.  Which I do not have a problem with to be honest. D- is not an option, the Fed wins and starts their process of disarming all Americans.  E- is equally unlikely, DNC and GOP reach a compromise.  Yeah right, compromise with a Lib is such an illusion,

          My reasoning for this is simple.  I am willing to protect the Constitution by any and every means necessary!  No matter how great of a tragedy Sandy Hook is, the lives of 30 children do not justify touching a document that has been around for 221 years! 

          There was more I wanted to add, but I am sorry it is past my bedtime.  If I remember this later I will edit it and add what I forgot.

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