Thursday, May 30, 2013

Multiculturalism vs the Melting Pot

            The United States of America is a very unique country; there is none other like us in the world!  I am not referring to American Exceptionalism, though I believe in it.  That is something that liberals have arguments against.  Even though their arguments are based on their own inaccurate beliefs, I am going to talk about something more concrete that even they cannot deny about the USA.  I was going to say our country, but liberals do not see the USA as “our country”.  They tend to put their faith in the United Nations and an “our planet” mentality.  
            The USA is the only country on the planet that is not a race of people.  Americans as an ethnic group do not exist!  I can hear liberals crying already.  There are the Native Americans, indigenous peoples, or whatever the PC phrase of the weeks is for Indians.  The only problem is that they forget there were/are many different tribes/nations in North America.  So it has to be insulting for the Sioux to be grouped with the Apache or vice versus.  Liberals never think about how they insult people, because they are blinded by their belief in what is right.  ...but I digress.

            So how could a country that has no ethnic group of its own become the greatest power on the face of the Earth?  It is very simple, the Melting Pot philosophy.  The USA accepted immigrants from all over the world.  I have no doubt that in the USA every single ethnic group on this planet has some representation in our blood.  Yet we are not 5,000 plus different countries in one land.  We are one united people (or rather one country divided between two interests, pro-American and anti-American).  All of these immigrants assimilated to the culture that has developed and added their own mix to help create the American experience.  Within a few generations the family line no longer thought of where their ancestors came from, but considered themselves Americans first.  There is still ethnic pride, look at various communities and you will see Irish pride, Italian pride, etc... but people thought of themselves as Americans.  The USA has been influenced by all of these immigrants as well.  Just think of our love of Chinese food, it is Chinese American food really.  They do not eat food like our Chinese food in China!  Think of Tex-Mex cuisine.  We can also consider our music.  Jazz and blues were founded by African American culture in the South and that gave birth to rock and roll.  Even rap has merged with rock and roll in bands like Rage Against the Machine.  The point is that the melting pot helped to create this.  Anyone that cooks will tell you that as you add spice to the main course you change the taste, you create a new dish.  This is our USA and why we are so different, but still one people (one dish).

            Now multiculturalism creates a divide in our people (even greater than the philosophical divide of liberal vs conservative).  Multiculturalism is what happens when politically correct morons get a hold of ethnic pride and screw it up!  I am personally 13 races, half Greek plus 12 others.  I am proud of my Greek heritage, but I have no connection or loyalty to Greece.  My grandfather came over from Greece in the 1920s, my father was born here, but the only Greek I speak is a few phrases and swear words (the important stuff).  Now according to multiculturalism my loyalty should be to my Greek heritage over American citizenship.  I should be concerned how Greek immigrants have been wronged over the centuries and demand that all these dead ancestors be given justice.  I should expect to have the right to create a community here that resembles what Greece is like.  The problem with all of this is not only that it is anti-American, but that it is the direct opposite of what made the USA the greatest country in the world!  If you really did not want to become an American, then why come here in the first place?  If you hate this place and think your “homeland” is so much better, then go back!  Fight your battles to make your country a better place there and not here.

            There are other problems with multiculturalism.  Pundits believe that Muslims should be allowed to practice Islamic Sharia law in their community.  Sorry but no!  There is the US Constitution, which says that state law cannot supersede federal law.  States in turn say that local law does not supersede state law.  I am not aware of all the ins and outs of Sharia law, but I will bet that much of it comes into conflict with state and federal laws.  Even the oath of citizenship in the USA is under attacks.  Do you realize that someone who wants to become a citizen does not have to swear to take up arms against our enemies?  If someone is not willing to take up arms against our enemies, I do not want them given citizenship!  In countries where the liberal left is even more entrenched than here (like Norway) the oath of citizenship is optional.  That is correct; a citizen to be does not even have to swear an oath to their new country.  Why is this such a big deal, a terrorist (like the Boston bomber) would not care about the oath and not hesitate to swear to it.  The problem is that it does not create a solid connection of the immigrant to the new homeland.  

            Multiculturalism is an effort to create 5,000 different countries here in the USA.  It is an effort to destroy us from within.  It will lead to greater violence and not more tolerance.  In the liberal effort to create a utopia they forget human nature.  People fear the other.  That other is any immigrant that is different and holds on to their culture fanatically, shunning the norm of society.  Every successive wave of immigrants in the USA has been persecuted to various degrees.  They have been used as cheap labor; they lived the lowest standard of living.   They were subject to racist attacks and given irrational associations based on that bias.  This is not hate of the American people; this is the nature of the human race.  Sometimes people are persecuted because they will not conform to the norms or society, other times it is an effort by a group to reject them as citizens.

            The history of multiculturalism proves my fear of the goal to destroy the USA.  It started in liberal controlled universities.  Here in the USA we have a great system to help the next generation become Americans (and add to our culture), it is called public education.  When children are all thrown together in the mixing pot, they tend to adopt many of the positive aspects of their peers (sometimes the negative as well).  When these teens graduate high school they saw themselves as Americans first and foremost, no matter how many generations their family has been in this country.  Yet when those same children went to college they were reconnected to their heritage and told that they did not have to conform or become American.  That America could and should change to suit the culture their family came from.  The result is that a lower percentage of college graduates see themselves as Americans than those who graduate from high school.  Now liberals are trying to get multiculturalism put into our public education system.  It is indeed an effort to indoctrinate future generations and destroy the USA.

            I will not continue to drone on for another 1000+ words.  I will just say that we need to fight multiculturalism.  It is the complete opposite of what made the USA great and it promotes racism and hate in our country.  I do not want a country where my neighbor is the other, but one where we are all Americans!