Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I wrote to my Reps!


I am very concerned with the bill the Gang of Eight has put together.  I am in complete agreement with Senator Ted Cruz that this bill is not good for America!  I would ask that you stand against it the way it is written.

I also have concerns that are not mentioned.  First why are we trying to add millions to the workforce when tens of millions are under or unemployed?  Why are we rewarding people who violate the rule of law?  Why are we going to allow every illegal immigrant who was returned to their home country to return?  This is not something that a logically thinking American citizen would put together when it pertained to their home and personal property.  So why is the Senate doing something that logical dictates so clearly against?

If you break the law, you face the consequences for your actions. That is a basic premise of responsibility and a concept that has made America great.  We cannot be granting exceptions to the law just because of protests.  Would we legalize meth if one million meth addicts marched on Washington?

Why are businesses that violate the law not going to be prosecuted? Why does E-verify not get expanded and instead a new system is put in place similar to E-verify.  E-verify has been a great success and deserves to be expanded rather than scrapped.

The USA has plenty of uneducated and low skill workers, adding more will only add to the burden that our country carries.  It is the right of every country to control its borders and decide who may and may not enter.  The immigration system is on life support, but this bill will kill it.  The Gang of Eight make horrible surgeons!  I see this bill as nothing but catering to every single special interest group in the USA (from illegals to labor to business).  It is time for our elected officials to do the right thing, rather than the politically expedient thing.

Thank you,