Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Email I wrote to my DC reps

My DC Reps,

I am writing to you about the Syria situation that this administration is intent on escalating out of control.  I do not support this administration's endeavor and think we should stay out of the Syrian conflict.  Our involvement in Libya and Iraq is proof enough for us to stay out of it.  Iraq was a counter balance to Iran and by removing Saddam Hussein we in effect made Iran into a regional power.  Libya was stable, even if we did not agree with the government and now Libya is a mess!  We do not have a dog in the Syria fight, it is not in our national interest to get involved in it.  This is a battle between the Russian supported government and Iranian supported rebels.  Maybe if we got involved covertly early in the conflict we might have had some influence, however this is not the case. 

Let me be clear, I am not a pacifist hippie coward!  I believe we have the right to send our military anywhere in the world we choose to and dare anyone to stop us.  This right is paid for in the blood of our service members.  We should be 100% clear and focused if it is in our national interest to pay that cost.  I do not believe it is in our interest.  So I ask you to use your power and vote to place this administration on a short leash.  It is not the duty of our soldiers to protect the human rights of those who are not citizens of our country.

Thank you!
Room 101