Friday, August 9, 2013

Wendy Murphy Esq on Fox 8-9-13

What a liberal scum you are!  You are telling business owners what is in their best interest on how to run their business.  If a business owner wants to ban children in their establishment during certain times, there has to be a market for it, otherwise they would not do it!  Yet the liberal cannot allow any organization to do anything that upsets them.  Well if it upsets you, just do not give them your business! 

Government reach is already such a bully, attorneys are so eager to sue everyone and everything just to fill their bank accounts and make their Mercedes payment.  This is truly liberal fascism.  Since in a fascist state the business remains in private hands, but production/service is state directive.  Well this is the USA!  It is not a fascist or communist state.  So take your self righteous BS and stick it where the sun does not shine!