Friday, January 31, 2014

Copy of email I sent to my DC reps #NoAmnesty

Senator Stinker,

As one of your constituents I am voicing my opinion on the immigration reform bill.  No Amnesty, no partial recognition, no nothing for the law breakers!  These people have disrespected our laws and we are going to grant them a legal status because the President will not fulfill his duty and enforce the laws of the land?  I am sorry, but NO!  To give the illegals any status is the same as a criminal getting caught with a stolen flat screen television by the police and instead of arresting them, the officer gives them a Blu-ray player and cable box.  How can we expect anyone to respect our laws if we do not set a firm example?

These illegals are mostly uneducated, not even having the most basic high school education.  This massive influx of unskilled labor will only flood the market with individuals that will not help our economy.  This will create a downward pressure on wages at a time when the labor participation rate is the lowest it has been since the Carter years.  We need real immigration reform.  We need a point system like Canada.  If you do not have enough points and money to support yourself and family while searching for a job, you cannot get a visa.  If someone does not have enough points, but they have a job skill that is in a category that is needed in the USA, they must have a job lined up in advance to just get a work visa.  This must be a job that has not been filled by potential American labor.  The free market can work, if we allow it to.  If jobs are not being filled because they are not paying enough, then instead of flooding the market with cheap labor, those employers need to increase their wages to fill those positions.  We are talking about unskilled labor, not chemists and engineers. 

With a Canadian type point system, we can reward the educated and those who can already read and write English.  We can reward the younger people who have finished school, but cannot find work in their present country.  We can reward families, when both parents are educated.  The point system has worked well for Canada and we can develop one that works well for the USA.

Real immigration reform would involve a one strike and you are out law like Norway has.  In Norway if you are ever caught there illegally just a single time, you are never allowed within their borders again and you have no chance to gain a visa or citizenship for any reason. 

We also need to abandon right of soil and switch to right of blood.  Yet we must make it even more difficult than other blood countries do, to discourage anchor babies.  If one parent is a citizen then the child must apply for citizenship at 18 like anyone else would (with credit being given for time raised in the USA).  If both parents are citizens, then no matter where the child is born, they are a naturalized citizen.

Before anyone can take the oath of citizenship, they need to understand English at a conversational level.  They also need to understand our country's history and the Constitution at a high school level.  If this is not accomplished, they do get the honor of American citizenship.  We also need to discourage pacifist from becoming citizens, if they are not willing to fight for this country, then they should not be allowed to take the oath of citizenship.

I realize that these are extreme steps, but with 5 million to 25 million illegals in the USA, we need to take extreme measures!  We are 17 Trillion in debt and we cannot afford the burden of people that will never be able to give more to our society than they take. 

Thank you,
Room 101 (not going to post my name :P)