Sunday, February 2, 2014

short e-mail I sent to Coca Cola

I am extremely offended by your Superbowl commercial!  Diet Coke is one of my addictions that I thought I could never do without and now I will seek an alternative.  This advertisement is nothing but Politically Correct garbage!  If you are going to cater to a particular social segment of society then you have to expect a backlash from the other segments.  It is obvious that you have no idea what pride is in the USA.

Yes the USA is the melting pot, but from this advertisement it is obvious that you do not understand the concept.  The USA is a land of immigrants.  These immigrants adapt to the USA culture and add to the mix by being who they are.  Your ad promotes hundreds of separate USAs.  This is the problem with the liberal left.  I am honestly ashamed of the 48-72 cans of Diet Coke I have drank for the past two decades.

Thanks for nothing!