Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear Reince (letter I wrote to the GOP when I renewed my membership)

Dear Reince & Company,
I am renewing my membership for 2014 after much soul searching.  However I am only sending the minimum, $30.  My concern is the direction that the party is heading in.  I am seeing two GOPs develop, the people who make up the majority of the party and those in DC that run the party.  This internal conflict is causing the DC elites to attack its own base instead of the democrats.  If you guys in DC were as aggressive with the democrats as you are with the Tea Party, the GOP would be one big happy family!  

How can I, in good conscience support my party when it spends more time and effort attacking a faction of itself rather than the opposing party?  The answer is obvious, I cannot.  I have decided to remain a member in good standing.  My reason is not because I trust you, because I do not.  As an American, I will continue to hold not only liberals accountable for their actions, but also all of the DC elites in the GOP.  I will decide what candidates I support and send money to them myself, no matter if I can vote for them or not.  I also will not blindly vote for anyone, just because there is an R by their name.  If I do not have enough faith in a candidate with an R by their name, I will vote write in or third party.  You can tell me the lie that I will only be voting for the DNC if I do so, but I do not buy that lie.  If I wanted to be in a party that resembled the democratic party light, I would become a democrat conservative.  So I will not empower a Republican party that has shades of blue.  

Let’s start with NO AMNESTY and nothing that resembles amnesty.  People that are here illegally are criminals and get treated as such.  If that creates problems in the job market, well guess what.  We have plenty of uneducated masses here; we do not need millions more!  Start serious welfare cuts, then states can either pick up the slack or let the cuts go through.  This will force people to choose if they want to eat or not.  We cannot continue to support a large and unproductive percentage of the population.  People must do for themselves.  Please do not tell me or fall for the liberal lie, “these people need help, they cannot help themselves.”  With all due respect, I am a junior high dropout; the last grade I finished was 8th.  I now have a Masters Degree in Business Administration. I worked full time and attended college (full time to half time depending on semester) for 6 years to accomplish this.

Real immigration reform is needed, I realize this.  We can start by putting more strict requirements on someone to be classified a refugee.  When a married woman from Mexico (or any country) can say her husband abused her and then get protection is outrageous!  We could use a point system similar to what Canada has, along with their monetary or job requirements.  We can add a penalty similar to Norway.  If someone is caught illegally in Norway a single time, they can never, under any circumstances ever become a citizen of Norway.  We can switch from right of soil to right of blood.  If you have one parent who is a citizen, you must apply for US citizenship at 18 (expedited case, with no waiting period afterwards), if both parents are citizens at time of birth, you are a naturalized American citizen, no matter where you are born.  If both of your parents are not citizens and you happen to be born here, you are not a citizen, you were just born here.  We MUST secure our border!  Every nation on this planet has the right to a secure border (except for the USA apparently).  

We need to limit Federal power and push back against judicial activism.  Gay marriage and abortion- leave both up to the states to decide.  If someone does not like the laws in their state, they are free to move.  That is a check and balance.  If the state would lose too many citizens that are valuable to their economy, they would be forced to change their laws.  This is how our system was designed to work.  Empower the states, instead of taking away their power.  If a state law has no affect upon any other state, then the Fed has no business getting involved, end of story 10th Amendment. 

The Federal budget is out of control!  The Federal government has taken on so many responsibilities that it was never designed to do.  Now I realize many of these changes are needed in the modern era.  Still we cannot continue to spend so much money as our debt surpasses 100% of our GDP.  We no longer need a balanced budget; we need a surplus, so we can pay down this debt.   Simple solution to budget and fat Federal government, the Fed budget must be at least 50% to support, supply and pay for active duty military personal.  This would be a great Constitutional Amendment to keep DC on a diet and keep us in line with the intentions of the Constitution.  The military serves the common good, welfare does not.  Let charities do their job, instead of competing against the government.  Charities want to see their need end and for them to be out of a job.  Bureaucrats have no vested interest in ending their careers.  

Stand up to Obama!  He is violating his oath of office by refusing to enforce the laws of the land.  There are many questions when it comes to IRS, Solyndra, Holder perjuries, NSA, Benghazi, AP wire tapping, Fast and Furious, Sebelius (pressuring for donations and questions about violating Hatch), the website contract, etc... So many scandals that I cannot even keep up with them all!   We must hold this entire administration accountable for its actions!   Use the power of the committees to find the answers and stand up to Obama.  If he will not back down and obey the Constitution.  Well then even though we cannot obviously impeach him, since the DNC is sticking together to try to hold onto power.  You can then take all the committee findings to the American people, especially the most damning ones.  We will see how the American people react when the golden boy is suddenly tarnished.  Yes I know I am not showing any respect to the President, but not since Wilson has there been such an orchestrated attack on the Constitution.  Wilson at least had the grace to do it under the pretense of being needed to win the First World War (like Americans need an excuse to go kick some ass).  

Sir, the divide between left and right is growing so large that I am not even sure if it can be bridged.  I am sure of one thing though, my back is against the wall.  The only way we can give the left anymore of what they want is by burning our Constitution.  If there is not a backlash in DC, led by the GOP the backlash will happen in the states.  All it will take is one state to decide on secession and I believe many states will begin to fall like dominos.  I will support any action that will preserve the Constitution in 1 to all 50 states, but never the liberal interpretation of our Constitution.  

Yes I am angry and you may even be correct if you say I am irrational.  Yet was it truly rational when our Founding Fathers decided to fight the most power country on the planet for their independence?  We are not facing basic human rights issues that Lincoln faced (though state’s rights were also a sticking point).  This time we are talking about the most basic ideals that this nation was founded upon.  Are we going to stick with them or abandon them?  Is the GOP going to fight for what it supposedly stands for or will it choose to attack its own members in an effort to keep them in line?  The backbone of America is not the 47% that do not pay taxes; it is not the 53% that do pay taxes.  It is not even the top 10%, top 1% or the businesses that have grown into mega corporations thanks to our business friendly environment.  The backbone of American is the ideals that are found within the US Constitution, without that we have no spine.  I hope the GOP finds its spine.

Room 101