Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Plea for Unity

            I am not the best person to try to keep people united.  You see I am a radical at heart (don’t worry right wing).  I am more than willing to pick up firearms to make things better.  I have this one minor fault though, I am also rational.  So even though nothing would make me happier than to be an instrument of liberal genocide, I know that will never happen.  I fear that some people on the right do not have that filter in their thinking.  Some people are so blinded with anger that they want to go straight to violence and they see enemies everywhere.  One person who claims to be a conservative spends more time attacking Karl Rove than attacking the whole liberal establishment.  Now I disagree with a good portion of what Karl Rove says, but he is not the enemy!  Another person that I just had a confrontation with on twitter told me to iron my shirt.  Why? Because I pointed out that liberals are the greatest threat that the USA faces right now.  It is not Islam or Republicans.  I fear that people have become so polarized that they are accepting no view point but their own as dogma.  I cannot blame many of you.  We all have a particular issue that is close to our heart which we will not bend on.  For me that issue is the Second Amendment.  It is in the Constitution and I will not allow the left to touch it.  Being the product of a liberal utopia, life means little to me, so abortion is not high on my list of concerns.  I still support my party’s position completely and even if I could change that position, I would not.  Why? Well for one it would alienate too many people and even if I could change their mind.  I respect them too much to try to make them waver in their convictions.  

What is going on is not just fighting between factions during a primary or even an effort to change party leadership.  It is not even an effort to influence elected leaders.  Those would make perfect sense for what I am seeing.  We on the right are divided against each other.  This division we are in the middle of is why the liberals have been able to push so much garbage through Congress.  After the 2010 midterms we were able to put a hurting on Obama, not stop him, but hurt him.  Then the liberal media blitz targeted the Tea Party, in an effort to belittle them and turn them into something they are not: racists, violent and anti-American.  It is my theory that these constant attacks by the liberal media began to wear down our patience and when we lost in 2012 we started looking for scapegoats.  Since we are so convinced that we are in the majority it could not be anything other than betrayal by the GOP.  Well I hate to tell you this, but we are not the majority.  The good news is that neither are liberals.  For either side to claim victory we must attract independents to our side.  This we succeeded in 2010, but not in 2012.  After the 2012 loss we attacked out at everything and everyone.  Let me be clear, we did not lose.  Mitt Romney lost the election, not conservatives.  Why did Mitt lose?  Well that would be a blog in itself.  If we are to win the 2014 midterms and the 2016 elections, we must have unity!  To turn back the liberal tide, we must have unity!  This unity may require that we force a change in the GOP leadership.  It will require that we get a candidate that is willing to play hardball with liberals on all fronts.  When a conservative runs for President, they are running not only against the liberal choice, but also against the liberal dominated media.  This is a simple fact that we have to face and to succeed we need a son of a bitch that will go head on against the enemies of our nation.  This person needs our complete support.  As Andrew Breitbart said, “the GOP cannot hope to win if they play defensive all the time.”  Any good general will tell you, the best defense is a great offense.  Will we gain enough independent support to override liberal voter fraud?   That I cannot honestly answer, but I can promise you that we all will end up living in the United States of Detroit if we do not stand together against the menace from within.

               To all my conservative brothers and sisters, I beg you stand as one united group.  The only thing that holds the liberals together is the desire for free stuff and hatred of hard work.  If we can gain super majorities in both houses and the presidency, we can make enough good changes to turn this country around and stem the liberal tide for generations.  Do it for your children and grandchildren, or even the children you have yet to have.  We cannot allow those who are so conceited that they believe they know how to create a utopia to ruin our great nation!