Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Detroit is the future of a liberal run USA

We can see the fruits of 52 years of liberal rule when you look at Detroit.  Constant spending, over regulation and cronyism is not a formula for success.

-In the 1920s Detroit was the Motor City

-In the 1940s it was the Arsenal of Democracy

-In the 1950s it was the City of Churches

-In the 1960s it was Motown

-In the 1970s the murder capital of the world

-In the 1980s still the murder capital and it gave birth to modern styles of gang violence and drug dealing.

-Since the 90s there was no hope for Detroit except bailout or bankruptcy

-Around 2010 GQ did an article on Detroit.  The photographer that wrote the article said the only other place he saw such levels of poverty and lack of hope were some of the most slum ridden Third World Countries he has visited.

Detroit has had constant liberal democrat control since 1961.  The liberal agenda is not sustainable.  There is no incentive to improve ones self.  People are not like animals, we need more than food and shelter.  We need goals to improve ourselves and our lives.  These goals we must achieve on our own.  If we do not achieve those goals through hard work we take them for granted.

Detroit is the future of a liberal run USA.